The end of a bi-polar year

Man what a roller coaster ride. 2009 made me almost insane with the manic jerking back and forth, ups and downs. I made it through by the skin of my teeth and now I’m sick with something that might be the flu. I’ve been trying to lay low and nurse myself back to health because I do have big plans for 2010 when I can finally get out of bed. I started out the year being excited by the prospect of a new president and possibly a new way of thinking and doing things. Those hopes were dashed but not completely. I watched as people made and continue to make big asses of themselves only because we have a BLACK president. They can say it’s for other reasons like inexperience, blah, blah… but as a woman of color I know this BS when I see it.
My financial situation along with so many other folks, has been abysmal so at the beginning of 2009 I was able to get a part -time job near my home working for an independent record label/distributor. This seemed like the ideal position since I had spent many years working in retail records (Tower Records) and later for a major label distribution company. Unfortunately, even though the company was a husband and wife owned operation, said husband and wife were a sociopath and enabler. In all my years of working, which are many, I’ve never experienced such horrific working conditions. Contact me if you want to know more about these creeps…

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