We had the our annual meeting with the accountant today, I swear it’s like therapy for the finances. We still have some loose ends to clean up but the worst is over. It’s an excellent opportunity to do some spring cleaning and organizing.
Here is a picture of Casey in the desert flowers. The much needed rains have produced an abundant variety of blooming things this year, many that I’ve never seen before. Even the cactus are fat and happy. It was very dry here for a long time. Many of the burn areas are slowly returning and flowers that only germinate after a fire are in full swing. There is always the possibility of more drought so it’s good news that we may get a bit more rain this weekend.

There seems to be some issues with the font sizer in this blogger thing, it has a mind of it’s own. Everything looks fine when I’m editing but it’s either too large or too small after I post. Oh well…

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