Shop Independent, Shop Local

Some of my current beads.

Sorry, but I have a beef with “Black Friday”. I know it’s the day that retailers say that they go from the red into the black but the term has such negative connotations and people’s behavior seems to reflect that. I mean really, do these folks look joyous to you?
As a self employed creative type it pains me to see people pretty much wasting their hard earned money on things that often are not very meaningful and hold no intrinsic value in the long run. Now I would love it if more people bought work from me or books and art from Ducky Waddle’s and so I present to you How To Be a Better Consumer from Reverend Billy’s Church of Life After Shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against shopping but things are totally out of control in our culture. Just because it’s shown on TV or advertisers push it or personalities say that you must, doesn’t mean you have to. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the best marketer when it comes to my own work and I will never be able to compete with the corporate beast but I still want you to buy from me and I hope the things that I make will give many years of pleasure and will not lose their value over time.

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