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I love the days between Christmas and New Years!

I’ve had a website for several years (and now myspace, etsy and blogspot) but have never done a proper diary or blog. I tend to be erratic with my postings and also uncertain as to how much I should ever reveal about my life or myself but that is only because I am such a private person and a bit of a loner like my little friend in the picture. I will retreat into my own world as I have since I was a child, creating things for my own amusement and hiding them but at the same time wishing that someone would take notice of what I was doing. At this time in my life I believe that I am finally getting over waiting for that elusive someone to take notice and I’m just going to have to get in their face with it. I envy the creative people that I know who can just put it out there and take or leave the response that may or may not come. I’ve been much too sensitive or maybe my friends put up a good front!

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  1. Hi Joyce! I say bravo for starting a blog. I feel you on the privacy tip, but I find blogging can be a really good way to blow off steam and catalog my experiences (sounds so clinical but it’s true, and fun!). I’ve “met” some really great people who share similar interests to me as well, all the while never really “giving up my heart for public consumption.” I rant and rave passionately sometimes, but I always feel safe. I hope you do too!

    I’ll be back!

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