Out with the old and in with the new…

2007 has been particularly challenging for me, not all in a bad way but really making me work on so many different levels. I performed my first solo gigs in ages. It was scary and fun and now I realize I have to do it some more. My sister was deployed to Iraq, I want this war over yesterday…

There’s been a pile up of annoying little things. My car needs work, my dryer died. There’s more that I could gripe about but at the same time I feel grateful for the blessings and good life I lead, all of my incredible friends and my dear husband.
I’ve been making some cool beads lately that many people don’t get to see unless they happen to see me at a bead show. Here is a picture of some recent large hollow beads. They were inspired by microbes or ameoba like things. I’m no scientist but I appreciate things seen under a microscope or by telescope. These beads are large but light so they are easy to wear on a cord or to use in any way you might imagine.
Now that I have this blog page set up where it’s easy for me to post, the world may be hearing from me a little more often, at least that’s my plan.
Wishing you a healthy, prosperous, successful and most of all, peace in the new year!

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