Now we’re getting somewhere

I’m so happy to be making progress with this new format. Tonight I was able to import all of my old posts from Blogger so they are now archived in WordPress and I’ve made new pages for future uploads of music and artworks for sale. Nothing is set in stone here and I reserve the right to change things anytime but for now I feel like I’m going forward and it’s an exciting feeling.

For such a long time I’ve been creating things and just keeping them all to myself always thinking that my creations are not quite good enough or ready for prime time. I can no longer do this. I must release these things into the world. I’ve been waiting for everything to “be just right” and the only thing that’s happened is I’ve gotten older and I’ve got a bunch stuff that I can’t take with me. It doesn’t matter to me anymore if anyone likes or appreciates it. Everything must go so I can create more while I still can.

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