Now playing!

I’m back from a week of Tucson and am now shifting gears, getting ready for tax season and more glass and music. The picture I’ve posted is one from my trip to Venice and Murano in 2006. I was there to take a class with flameworking maestro Lucio Bubacco. It was cold at the end of February but Carnival season was in full swing. This gondola was parked outside of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. 

I’ve joined up with a netlabel based in Venice, Italy. How cool is that? My music and glass are really coming together. The label is called  I am a featured artist and 3 of my songs are available for free mp3 downloads. I had been a little ambivalent about the idea of free downloads of my music but it really is a great way for me to promote myself worldwide. It is also great after so many years of playing music to have someone else describe what it is I do, at least with these first few songs. I’ve never considered myself to be jazz, r&b, classical etc… My influences and interests are so varied I will play or sing any style that I get the opportunity to try. I can find something to like in any and all genres of music. In recent years I’ve been composing music with computer software, my cello and guitar and in years past I’ve had my own band or played in mostly rock and roll  type projects. Since I’ve only released one 7″ single of my own music  I’ve never really developed the “Joyce Rooks” sound in the way that I would like or even know for sure what that is. I do know that I’m not one to be pigeon holed. I would get bored just doing one kind of thing. I hope my “sound” is a cumulation of my many influences and interests. 

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