Musical project in development

I just noticed that I have fonts all over the place!

I thought that I would be doing a different performance project this fall but things have changed drastically. I have ended up with 2 different things to work on along with every thing else I’m trying to do. A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday party at the home of Marcelo Radulovich. We have known each other on and off for at least 20+ years as musicians playing locally during the late 1980’s. Jim Call was also at the party and the seed was planted that we should get together for some musical experimentation to see what comes of it. I’ve know Jim since my days of singing back up for the Penetrators where he played sax and keyboards. We decided almost immediately on what the project wasn’t going to be and are still working out ideas and forms but instrumentation includes computers, cello, theremin and assorted sound makers. Our first “gig” to the public was a week after we got together. It seems like things want to move quickly so we’re going with it. We played at the Studio Second Street in Encinitas for their once a month art jam. Students come draw, paint or sketch a variety of musical entertainment. It was fun and we have our first flyer artwork by Mark Adams. It was drawn on some type of cardboard packaging, recycled by art.
We have thrown around a lot of names in our few short weeks together and one day while setting up to “rehearse” (the word practice doesn’t describe it either, it’s more like a fun lab time) Something was described as being part of a “nicey nice world” and it somehow clicked when it was said again. It sounds like a ridiculous and improbable place but Marcelo described it as making him feel like a good citizen. We just want to move your mind as well as your behind.
Nicey Nice World at Ducky Waddles on Thursday October 28, 8:00 p.m.

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