Making progress



I’ve made some headway today with my new site/blog. The menu links are not totally functional but I’m getting too tired to delve into any solution to fix it tonight so I will sleep on it and come back to this problem sometime tomorrow after work. I’ve posted one of the many sunset pictures that I’ve taken from my backdoor over the past several years. I have what is known in real estate speak as an “ocean peek” not a full on ocean view. I find my peek totally satisfactory save for the telephone pole that is always in full view. Every picture I’ve taken features the damn thing and so I’ve been trying to learn to live with it best as possible. I hope that in the coming days, weeks and months this site will develop into a fully functioning entity where I can express myself in a way that I haven’t ever. I want to share my thoughts, ideas and the things I make with who ever is interested, or not.

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