It’s a process..

I spent a bunch of time over the last week trying to revive my little website. Since all of the work is done by me it takes such a long time, just like working in my garden and making art and music. Even though the wordpress format is relatively easy to work with I still find myself going around in circles trying to make things fit in a way that works best for me. Having a full-time day job also factors into me making any progress along with getting old and not having the same level of energy that I had in the past. But still I push on because stopping or quitting is absolutely not an option. I understand how people just give up in the face of all obstacles but it isn’t in my make up to throw in the towel. I will take all the time I need in order to make a thing happen. With that in mind, I’ll be playing on Thursday , April 2 at Ducky Waddle’s Emporium from 7-9 p.m. The shop will be staying open a little later that night during the Taste of Leucadia. Restaurants on the 101 in Leucadia will be offering tastings for the price of a ticket. Ducky Waddle’s will be offering food for thought and the sounds of cellotronica by yours truly.

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