An installation at the Smithsonian in 2005. The artist is Chinese and he grew up in a coastal area. From time to time there would be boats like this one wrecked on the shore and they would contain various cargo. This was all white porcelain ware.

The Agness Twin album is finished and is waiting to be mastered. I am not so good with descriptions but it does have a kind of psychedelic shoe gaze thing going on and the songs and vocals are cool. I had a great time playing on it. You can hear some of the songs on myspace.com/agnesstwin
On the way home from S.F. we stopped at my friend Alba’s studio. Alba makes fabulous jewelry and she also makes the most beautiful jewelry stands. Moxie Metal displays look great at home or in a store. She sells them on Etsy at moxiemetal.etsy.com

As we were leaving, Alba and I had a little conversation concerning flakiness. We both decided that it was a good thing to embrace our inner flake and not make excuses or fight it all the time. We’re responsible people and we work hard and try to have good manners and treat our work/ businesses as well as we can but sometimes we fall short. It’s never in the quality of our work but maybe we take too long to get back to you or we let other parts of life get in the way. I don’t think it is just because we’re artistic types because I know some highly efficient, effective, successful and creative artists.

Be patient with us. I think I’ll bake a pie…

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