Joyce Rooks Discography

  1. 45 Trowsers “Color TV Reality/You” (Blues Economique-1980) guitar & vocals
  2. LP “Solitary Confinement” (Blues Economique- 1982) guitar & vocals
  3. LP “Drop ‘Em” (Blues Economique – 1983) guitar & vocals
  4. VA “Who’s Listening ” – one track: “Wrong Area Code” (Government Records -1982) guitar & vocals
  5. LP Penetrators “A Sweet Kiss From Mommy” (E&M -1982) bv:“There Is A Light” & “Take This Heart
  6. 45 Joyce Rooks Band “Top Secret”1983 (Blues Economique – 1983) one sided red vinyl w p/s guitar & vocals
  7. LP Manual Scan “One” (England – HiLo Records -1985) bv: “Don’t Know Where To Start”
  8. LP “Down Lights” 1988 harmonies (Susstones Records -1988) bv “Don’t Know Where To Start”
  9. CD “Plan Of Action” (Get Hip Records – 01/01/1996) bv “Don’t Know Where To Start” 
  10. CD “All Night Stand” (Spain – Snap Records 01/01/1996) bv “Don’t Know Where To Start”
  11. LP Laws Of Motion “Check It In The Mirror” (World Records -1984) bv: “Missing In Action
  12. LP/CD Beat Farmers “Pursuit Of Happiness” (UK & US -MCA 08/01/87) – Ridin“, “God Is Here Tonight”, “Rosie”
  13. CD Beat Farmers – “The Best Of” (Curb- 1995) “God Is Here Tonight
  14. CD Carla Olson “Honest As Daylight: The Best Of, 1981-2000” (01/01/2001) bv: “Within An Ace”
  15. CD “Wave Of The Hand: The Best Of Carla Olson” 10/17/95 “Within An Ace”, “Justice”, “Honest As Daylight”
  16. CD “Special-The Best Of Carla Olson” (UK Virgin 10/01/95) “Justice”, “Honest As Daylight, “Within An Ace”
  17. CD “Reap The Whirlwind” (Watermelon Records 01/01/94) bv: “Reap The Whirlwind”, “Honest As Daylight”
  18. CD “Within An Ace” (Watermelon Records -1993) bv: “Why Did You Stop”, “Rescue Fantasy”, “Justice”
  19. CD “Honest As Daylight” (Houston Party Records – 2001) bv: ” Why Did You Stop (Alternate mix)”, “Justice (Alternate mix), “Honest As Daylight”
  20. CD Wait For Nothing “Thrush” (Resist Records 1995) cello
  21. CD Formula “Joik” (Distorto Sound records- 1999) cello and vocals
  22. CD “Conduit” (Mercy Productions- 2002) Cello: “Resolved”, “What To Say”, “A Sense Of” and “Purple Shroud
  23. CD Comanche Moon “Dreams In Rewind” 1996 bv + cello – “Across The Universe” “One Heartbeat”, “Tequila Mockingbird” ,“Dreamin’ “ & “Higher Plane” 
  24. CD Lucky “Live A Little” (Temple Bar Records 01/30/96) cello on “Dog”, “I’ll Get You Back” and “The Same”
  25. CD David J “Guitar Man” (Heyday Records 6/25/02) Cello on “The Dope Show
  26. CD “Mess up” (Heyday Records -2003) Cello, bv: “Goth Girls in Southern California”, “Good To Be Loved”, & “Mexican Drugstore27
  27. CD BlackHeart Procession “Amore Del Tropico” (Touch and Go Records10/08/02) cello on “A Sign On The Road