Days of Futures Past

An outdoor sitting area at the Lux Art Institute in Encinitas.

I’m not the type that is nostalgic for my past. I have nothing against the past, it’s made me who I am today but I really enjoy NOW and am still excited and have many aspirations for my future. At some point it seems to have been decided that when a person reaches a certain age they are supposed to give up on dreams and settle into an acceptance of things the way they are and not bother to try and change much of anything anymore. To that I say BS. I’ve already lived several lives and am looking forward to living at least a few more before I leave this plane. If I do spend much time with my past it is to archive and prepare it for release into the future.
I was born in the mid 20th century and I feel as if I’m straddling a major compression in time. In the “old days” change was slower. Today changes happen by the minute, hourly, daily that used to take many years to happen. This affects me in many ways. I want to be a person of today but I can’t deny the times that made and continue to make me. As I grow older I want to remain flexible, viable and part of the conversation, which means I adapt and embrace tools that are available to me but at the same time remember what came before and how I got here. I’m looking for a balance or melding of past and future that works best for me in the way I produce my art and music. I think it’s good to have an understanding of the way things used to be done in order to make the new better.

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