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  1. We are looking for an instructor in fused and slumped glass in the California desert area.
    We are a non-profit giving art to all ages and abilities and we are looking for a part-time caring, qualified instructor to help us with our glass program.
    If you would know of anyone who might be interested we would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you so much…. Victory

  2. hello joyce…this is elena writing. i am your friend from WHOLEFOODS with the fractured hip and always wearing the CAL POLY shirts. i am glad to finally be “officially” in contact. it sounds like you are just as busy as me and always trying new things? my husband doesn’t like “change (in life)” but i think we all need to embrace new endeavors constantly in order to keep growing…no matter what age. i am hopeful we will sit down with a coffee/tea one of these days and become better acquainted. you have a special aura about you that i find naturally beautiful. ciao bella, elena

    1. Hi Elena, just now logging into my blog this week. I had yesterday and today off from work. Went to the doctor yesterday for my annual check up and I had a nice acupuncture session afterwards to deal with the wrist and foot pain I’ve been having. So far things feel a lot better this morning. My “resolution” this year is to build a consistent yoga practice. Seems to be the thing that helps most with stress and general well being. Shouldn’t be too difficult but the hardest part so far is just getting started. Oh well, the year is young. I’ll see you soon and we will have that coffee!


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