Where to start?  I’ve had a pretty interesting time on this planet so far and there’s more to do. I’ve been an artist most of my life. I had formal training by way of public school but much of my creativity was expressed at home in my room. Hours spent alone with my imagination, paints, yarns and fabrics, records and instruments. No one in my immediate or extended family was an artist or musician but my mother exposed me at a young age to great music and books. Her favorite music was jazz but she bought me classical records and we listened to everything on the radio including country music. Growing up in Los Angeles in the early 1960’s I was lucky to have wonderful teachers who took an interest in me and encouraged my curiosity and imagination. I began playing the cello when I was 12 and from there took private lessons with Irving Lipschultz. I played in my school orchestra and the Meremblum  Junior Symphony until I graduated high school. I also began to play guitar during these years because I couldn’t escape the lure of rock and roll. The cello remained an important part of my life even though I didn’t continue a formal music education. I always had it in my mind that I could bring the cello to different musical genres besides classical. Along the way I took up ceramic art at the UCSD Crafts Center where I later taught for many years.  I’ve held a variety of jobs including retail clerk and buyer at Tower Records which led to a job as marketing rep for CEMA Distribution (Capitol/EMI music). I’ve performed, recorded and toured with many bands and musical projects. In the mid 1990’s I discovered the art of glass bead making which propelled me along a path of learning, teaching, selling, designing jewelry and working as much as I could with glass. I’ve always had some kind of “day job” but I’ve been fortunate to work in areas related to where my interests lie. I have a long list of recording credits but these days my priority is to record and release my own music and do more live performances.

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