A sad day in America.

It looks like I have to post this from my blogspot as YouTube wouldn’t link to FaceBook. If you are squeemish about race relations in this country, do not watch this and if you don’t like the F bomb, don’t watch this. Very powerful and it makes me sad.

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  1. It has been frankly stunning, watching the Birthers humiliate us all like this. I’m surprised in a way that Barack let it go on so long, but you know, I think that he has been letting the extremists really reveal themselves, and in a way, that might be important to us all.

    Maybe it’s better for us all to see them, see the hate in their hearts, than let it continue to be an undercurrent, felt but not articulated. People have been revealed rather starkly through this, and it’s good to see behind the screen of some of these “conservatives,” to see the kind of fear and racism that they are really brining to the table. Their behavior should give any moderate serious pause before voting for them.

    Think of Trump as our Nader- people like him, and Palin can draw off some of the voting poison, perhaps giving our intelligent, moderate, well-spoken, highly educated, civilised President a second term.

    As a side issue, this whole thing makes me think that as American birth is a requirement for the Presidency, all candidates in the future should have to include a copy of their birth certificate with their initial filing for candidacy. It’s not unreasonable for candidates to be expected to prove their qualifications to run.

    What is unreasonable and dishonorable is that no one has asked anyone but a black man to produce birth credentials.

  2. Maybe it’s true that some of the so called “birthers” are nothing more than racist. That does not mean that everyone who is or even most who are glad to see this issue finally resolved is either a racist or a birther. There are other motivations, valid ones.

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