A day to get well

Ladies vases

I’ve been under the weather for the past couple of days. I seemed to have picked up a version of the bug that has been going around. All I could do was sleep. Save for a couple of doctor’s visits and a trip to the mechanic for a new timing belt, I was feeling like crap. Late yesterday I was able to sit up in bed and expend some brain power on learning how to use my new web site blog system. I think I’m getting somewhere but it’s been slow going since Dec. when I thought I would be using it right away. I’m starting from scratch and this new site won’t look or be like the old one, which thought was very pretty. I like to think that I have an affinity for new technology and have an ability to adapt to new things and change fairly easily but I am frustrated to no end by the learning curve. I love to learn new things but new computer software and equipment present their own challenges as they force me to modify my behavior in a way that maybe I don’t want to just yet or ever. I am dragged kicking and screaming down a path that will usually end up with me finally getting comfortable with a new system and next one is right behind it.


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