A little bit at a time

I thought I would be using this newer web/blogging format a lot more than I actually have. I guess it all comes down to the way I try to market or promote myself. It’s never too much but just enough to keep some sort of visibility out there in the world. Even though I’ve worked in marketing of other people and products, it’s never been my favorite thing. I’ve always been conflicted over adding to the never ending amounts of crap that gets pushed onto consumers and the marketplace. Does everyone really need to buy all this stuff even if it isn’t any good? ┬áIdeally, it would be nice if things could happen organically and the cream would rise to the top but then we would all starve wouldn’t we? My main objection really is against mediocrity and striving for the lowest common denominator just because it will make money. I guess I’ll never be rich.

This coming Friday, October 18, at 10pm GMT which I think is 1pm PST, my music will be featured on the The Garden of Earthly Delights┬áin a mix called Women’s Hour 5. It will be a lovely hour in which at least 5 of my songs will be mixed live with other cool women musical artists. Later the mix will be available for download for your listening pleasure anytime. My personal disclaimer is that I did not offer up any songs with vocals, they are all instrumentals. Most of the songs were written over the past 10 years when I first got my very own computer recording rig. Recording vocals has always been kind of a daunting task for me, even in a professional studio. The picture above is one of the ways I’ve tried to get vocals done at home.

Listen Live to The Garden