Charissa St. Clair

Jerry found this great little piano in a thrift store several years ago and I’ve been playing around with it as a part of my musical arsenal. Schoenhut is known for being the oldest and most popular maker of toy pianos. I have another toy piano made by Kiddie Keys and while it looks great ( a black baby grand) the sound is not a good as this little upright. I can actually play things in a proper key with this one. The piano also came with the perfect name taped to it.¬†Charissa St. Clair must have owned it at one time.

Desert Morning

86 degrees on the way to 106 today. It’s dry, warm and quiet here. No ambient freeway sounds just the occasional plane flying into or out of Palm Springs and a lot of quail.

Carroll the cat

Carroll and his hat
Carroll and his hat

Cats lend themselves so well to the internet. It’s a curious thing. This is Carroll the Bengal Cat. He’s 8 months old and wears claw caps which makes him look like he has pink nails. He belongs to my step-daughter and lives in L.A. with two kids, a Dachshund named The Hat, Truly Scrumptuous the Shetland Sheepdog¬†and Little Kitty, a black and white cat. The Hat seems to get the brunt of Carroll’s aggression because she is an easy target and about the same size as the cat. He also has a straw hat.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Just a brief posting before I head off to my “day job”. I started working at Whole Foods 2 years ago this month and while the job sometimes physically kicks my ass I love working there. In fact, these days I feel as if I’ve built up my endurance and am stronger and more calm and I’m not as achy as I was when I started. I’ve gradually been able to merge art and music back into my schedule and while I wish I could do those things full-time, for now it’s enough.

The flowers on this Coral Tree remind me of little crab claws. I don’t know which variety this one is but it sure is nice.

Summer coming on

My backyard berry bush is in full swing, I’ve been picking about a pint a day for the past 4-5 days. I’ve been freezing, using some in smoothies and considering jam if I looks like I’ll get enough.

Now we’re getting somewhere

I’m so happy to be making progress with this new format. Tonight I was able to import all of my old posts from Blogger so they are now archived in WordPress and I’ve made new pages for future uploads of music and artworks for sale. Nothing is set in stone here and I reserve the right to change things anytime but for now I feel like I’m going forward and it’s an exciting feeling.

For such a long time I’ve been creating things and just keeping them all to myself always thinking that my creations are not quite good enough or ready for prime time. I can no longer do this. I must release these things into the world. I’ve been waiting for everything to “be just right” and the only thing that’s happened is I’ve gotten older and I’ve got a bunch stuff that I can’t take with me. It doesn’t matter to me anymore if anyone likes or appreciates it. Everything must go so I can create more while I still can.

Making progress



I’ve made some headway today with my new site/blog. The menu links are not totally functional but I’m getting too tired to delve into any solution to fix it tonight so I will sleep on it and come back to this problem sometime tomorrow after work. I’ve posted one of the many sunset pictures that I’ve taken from my backdoor over the past several years. I have what is known in real estate speak as an “ocean peek” not a full on ocean view. I find my peek totally satisfactory save for the telephone pole that is always in full view. Every picture I’ve taken features the damn thing and so I’ve been trying to learn to live with it best as possible. I hope that in the coming days, weeks and months this site will develop into a fully functioning entity where I can express myself in a way that I haven’t ever. I want to share my thoughts, ideas and the things I make with who ever is interested, or not.