Life on Earth

Everyone is in such a hurry to end it or destroy it when what we have is a beautiful thing we should take care of and nurture. It isn’t always easy but it beats the alternatives.
Anyway, this is a beautiful song by Antony and the Johnsons whom I’ve had the pleasure of performing and hanging out with. I’m a lucky gal!

The Place Where I Make Things

When we moved into our house 10 years ago I had visions of an art studio with walls or at least one wall that was painted white but it wasn’t to be. The 2 car garage that is my studio and laundry room was immediately set up so I could get to work on beads for Tucson. The place never recovered, I just kept adding stuff to the room so that now it would be a major undertaking to give the place white walls. I felt inadequate for a long time, my studio would never be good enough for HGTV. I’ve since come to love my messy space since making any major changes to it now would only mean that I couldn’t work in it for a while.