The niceness continues…

Nicey Nice World continues on its course of exploration, discovery and surprises.

I’m having a great time playing with Jim and Marcelo. Marcelo has been recording all of our lab time so we have hours of material to work from. Some pieces get more and more developed into actual song things but they always have a slight difference so no two performances are exactly alike. It keeps things interesting and sometimes on the edge of chaos. The way I’ve pretty much worked in the past is to learn a song or piece either on paper or from the songwriter and then play it. This new approach is organic, things just come out and we have created some real gems. I continue to work on playing my cello and singing simultaneously, sometimes it’s easier than others. My voice and cello are very similar so I have to make sure that both are in tune with each other and I have to sync vocals with my bowing and fingering. Like walking and chewing gum…
We’re playing tomorrow at Ducky Waddles as part of our regular monthly recitals and we’ll be playing at Soda Bar on Saturday as part of Bike The Boulevard. Come on down!

Post Tucson

Sunset at the end of another Tucson show.

I’ve been home for a week and have spent most of my time plowing through papers and other crap in my office getting ready for tax time and the annual appointment with our accountant. A top priority for me this year is to get a JOB. After so many years being self employed, it’s just not enough. I would like a job that I can go to and leave at the end of the day and that will allow me to continue with my creative endeavors because I will never give up my art and music or I should say, art and music will never give me up. I have my heart set on a couple of places that I’d like to work, I just hope they will like me too. My resume is long and varied. My mission is to write the most kick ass cover letter that I possibly can. Wish me luck in my search!