The view from my room at La Cascade…

Since I’ve been home from traveling I have had this intense feeling of being in the present which is great because it is helping me to deal with the large amounts of stuff that I have to take care of. I’ve been working on the best ways that I can methodically tackle each issue that’s in front of me whether it’s house cleaning or getting new songs written and published to new ideas for glass and jewelry that I’d like to execute. Oh, and making sure the bills are getting paid in the process. I know it’s a tall order but for once I feel like I can deal and not be overwhelmed by it all.

More France pics!

This is a waiting area at the Toulouse Airport. Very modern and space agey!

I have a heck of a time trying to get this blogger thing to work in a way that serves me best. I wanted to be able to post a few caption/descriptions of the photos but the format doesn’t seem to allow it so I may end up with multiple blog/pic posts. Enjoy!

Well, it’s been a while…

The whole month of July just whizzed right by. I went right from the intensity of rehearsals and performance with Vivre Brasil into a week of art, food and relaxation in France. I only had a couple of weeks before I went back on the road, this time to Oakland, CA for the ISGB Gathering. Now I’m back at home and trying to plow through the piles of stuff and things so I can get back to creating some new works. For now I’ll just post a few pictures from my France trip which was just the thing I needed this summer. I stressed so heavily over wether it was the right thing to do or not, mostly because of the expense involved but once I was there I knew I had done the right thing of going with my initial gut reaction which was YES!